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Clifton City Park Improvements

  • March 30, 2022

Over the last two years, the City of Clifton has been steadily addressing the needs of our city parks. Clifton has over 20 acres of public parkland for our residents and guests to enjoy. Multiple city departments, staff and elected officials, and the volunteer Parks Advisory Board collaborate on park development and improvement. The City’s Public Works Department participates in planning and leads physical projects as well as seasonal and routine maintenance.

In 2020, Dahl Park was the site of several projects. A new roof was constructed on the restroom facility. Bridge repairs were made, and the basketball court was cleaned and furnished with new goals. The Clifton 4-H Club joined in by painting the picnic tables and park benches. In City Park, electrical repairs were made to the gazebo and basketball court systems.

Clifton acquired a new park space in 2020 through an interlocal agreement with the Clifton Independent School District. This latest addition to the public park system has probably seen more hours of play than any of the City’s other parks. Formerly the Clifton Elementary School playground from 1940 – 2018, Cockrell-Thiele Park is the only public park in the southwestern quadrant of town. The City of Clifton is planning several improvements for this setting of many childhood memories.

In 2021, a sand volleyball court was added to Olsen Park near Clifton’s school campus, and a new backboard and nets were purchased for the tennis courts. Olsen Pool received new pool chairs, and the bathroom was re-plumbed. In City Park, a disc golf course was added to the park’s amenities. Volunteers with the Parks Advisory Board were instrumental in bringing this attraction to the expansive grounds along the Bosque River. Clifton Lions Club volunteers cleaned and painted the pavilion and picnic area on the west side of Riverside Drive in the summer of the same year.

Work has already begun in City Park in the first quarter of 2022. The Gazebo has been repaired and repainted and was the setting for dozens of prom photos in March. Damaged bleachers and fencing have been removed. Repairs are being made to the restroom facilities, which will also be painted. Along Riverside Drive, the concrete slab that was once the foundation of the VFW building has been removed and the area graded. Picnic tables and sidewalks throughout the park have been pressure washed, and the graffiti removed. Overgrown areas are being cleared; and, in the next few months, City Park will bud and bloom with spring and summer natural plants and fresh landscaping. Expanding upon earlier electrical improvements, the City plans to install all new LED lights the park basketball courts.

We hope you will plan for some fun in Clifton’s public spaces and enjoy the natural beauty and expanding amenities of our city parks. Visit our City Parks page to learn more.

If you would like to join the City of Clifton staff and volunteers in efforts to develop and sustain our beautiful park and public spaces, please contact City Hall at 254.675.8337.