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Inspection Proceedures

  1. “All work must be inspected before it is covered/concealed”. For example: slab steel, electrical, plumbing and framing must be inspected prior to insulation, drywall, soil and/or concrete being installed that covers it up. Covered work that has been inspected by the building inspector, may be required to be uncovered and/or removed in order to fully evaluate or to continue work.
  2. Temporary Power: Any time after obtaining building permit. The temporary power requires and inspection before the utility provider can connect.
  3. Plumbing Rough In (if applicable) – shall be inspected prior to foundation pour.
  4. Piers and Foundation (if applicable) – all piers and foundation preparation shall be inspected prior to concrete pour.
  5. Framing, Plumbing Top Out, Gas Piping, Electrical Rough In, and HVAC shall be inspected together (if applicable).
  6. Insulation – no inspection required on insulation.
  7. Electrical Final (if applicable) – will need a final inspection when all fixtures and trim are installed.
  8. Final Inspection and Certificate of Occupancy Inspection shall be grouped together (if applicable). If Final Inspections and Certificate of Occupancy Inspection is not passed, you may not get approval for water and/or be able to occupy the structure.
  9. Concrete Flatwork – Sidewalks, Driveways, Approaches of any kind. All flatwork requires pre-pour inspection.
  10. Customer Service Inspection (CSI), when applicable must be done at completion of construction and prior to occupancy of the structure.