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Vehicle Descriptions

Fire Vehicles


Clifton is fortunate to have 10 operating fire vehicles, a Hazmat trailer and an Antique Fire Truck that has been completely restored and is used as a “showpiece for the department.”

Command Vehicle
This is the truck the Fire Chief will take to all calls and set up to work the scene and direct the trucks & Crew on where to stage and what to do.

Water Tanker Truck
This truck holds 3,000 gallons of water, goes to most fire calls and is used to refill trucks on a fire scene.

Pumper Trucks (2)
These trucks are dispatched to structure fires.

5-ton 6×6 Military Truck
This truck is used for grass & brush fires. It is also used as a tanker truck to shuttle water.

Grass/Brush Fire Trucks
Two trucks are used strictly for grass and brush fires.

5-ton 4×4 brush truck
This is the dept.’s newest addition. This truck is used for grass & brush fires and soon will be used to assist at structure fires when needed.

Rescue Truck
This truck is used on all vehicle accidents and rescue calls. It is equipped with the Jaws of Life, swift water rescue gear, Haz-mat gear, as well as vehicle stabilizing and lifting equipment. It also is equipped with a generator which powers two large flood lights and can also run electrical tools.

Combination Fire/Rescue
This truck also carries a Jaws of Life unit. This vehicle goes to all accident calls because it is equipped with water to extinguish fires as well as a back up “jaws” unit. It can also be used on grass/brush fires as needed.

Heart of Texas Haz-Mat Trailer
This Haz-Mat trailer unit contains an air compressor and fill station to re-fill Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (S.C.B.A.) bottles. This is an asset as the trailer can be pulled to a fire scene to refill bottles as needed. This unit also contains a generator used to power lights and electrical tools. Included in the unit are extra S.C.B.A. units and spare bottles as well as Haz-Mat suits and a Haz-Mat disposal system.