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Records Request

Open Records Request

Citizens and members of the public may access information from the Clifton Police Department regarding arrests, or cases as long as they complete the necessary form about the information they are requesting. Not all information about certain cases is subject to open records. That would be any case that is still open and pending a final disposition. That does not mean that you can never access this information. All public information request forms shall be submitted either in person or via email to [email protected] or in person at the Clifton Police Department located at 402 W. 3rd Street in Clifton.

Complaint/Compliment Process

The Clifton Police Department strives to bring professionalism, honesty, and integrity with its service to the public. If you feel the service you were provided fell below these standards, we encourage you to file a formal complaint with the Chief of Police. Once received, the complaint will them be forwarded to the Chief of Police for investigation. You will then be contacted as to the result of your complaint, and the actions taken as a result of your complaint. The complaint must be in writing, and submitted to the Police Department in person, and MUST be signed by a notary. 

If you feel you did receive the best quality service available, we encourage you to let us know! You can send a compliment on an officer to the Chief of Police at [email protected].