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The tax structure for City of Clifton residents, including state, county, city and local school tax rates, is detailed below. Recognizing the importance to senior citizens, the City of Clifton and Bosque County have adopted ordinances freezing taxes on homesteads for disabled residents or residents 65 years of age or older, as authorized by Section 1-b(h), Article III, Texas Constitution. By State law, Clifton Independent School District similarly freezes taxes on homesteads for senior citizens. Property values are set by the Bosque County Central Appraisal District. Taxes for the County, schools and cities are collected by the County Tax Assessor.

Property Tax

City of Clifton $.3565
Bosque County $0.3586
Clifton ISD $1.1675
Total $1.8728 per $100 assessed value

Tax Freeze

The City of Clifton has a tax freeze for citizens age 65 and over and qualified disabled citizens, authorized by Section 1b (h) Article III, Texas Constitution.

Clifton ISD and Bosque County also have this tax freeze.

Sales Taxes

City of Clifton$.0100
Clifton Economic Development Corporation$.005
Bosque County$.005
State of Texas$0.0625
  • City tax information can be obtained from the Bosque County Appraisal District – (254) 435-2304
  • County tax information can be obtained from Bosque County.

More information is available at Local Sales and Use Tax, Texas Comptroller’s Office.