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Living and Visiting

Nestled in the heart of Texas at the northern tip of the beautiful Hill Country, Clifton is just a short drive from major cities – offering a pastoral oasis with small-town hospitality and an enriching escape. 

Conveniently located midway between Austin and Dallas/Ft. Worth, and only minutes from Waco, Clifton is home to a diverse community of generous, hard-working folks.  With a rich agricultural and arts heritage, Clifton remains true to its roots but always looking ahead – investing in the local economy and tomorrow’s brightest hope, our children.   It’s a small town with big ideas!

Commerce is a blend of small sales and service businesses balanced by agricultural and industrial companies.  Many of Clifton’s residents work locally with our excellent education and healthcare systems or businesses that support them.  The quality of goods and services offered is reflected in the dozens of longstanding businesses.  As a Main Street city, Clifton recognizes the importance of a strong town center that provides both a vibrant commercial district and a community heart.

Considered one of the best small art towns in the US, Clifton is home to a thriving art scene with art galleries, performance halls, a fine arts center, theaters, three cultural districts, and many talented local artists.  

Set along the banks of the beautiful Bosque River, Clifton offers a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.   City parks and the surrounding countryside provide the settings for hours of fishing, cycling, hunting, stargazing, and more.  

Clifton is proud of its cornucopia of heritages and celebrates its rich history through annual events and strong traditions.  The city was established in 1852 and quickly rose as a center of commerce. German and Norwegian settlements nearby have strongly influenced the city’s culture, which is a truly Texas blend of European, Hispanic, and Western heritage. Clifton was designated a Main Street City in 1995, and in 1997 as “The Norwegian Capital of Texas.”

In Clifton you’ll discover fine arts, fine folks, and a fine time “Deep in the Art of Texas!”