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Art Alley

Clifton Art Alley, the inspiration of a local business and property owner, is a walkable public art space in Historic Downtown Clifton.

One of 51 cultural districts in the state of Texas and home to a dense population of nationally and internationally recognized Western artists, Clifton offers an incredible collection of arts and crafts. So grand murals ornamenting historic buildings seemed like the perfect addition to the local art scene!
Collaborating with property owners, the cultural district board, and city staff, this visionary developed a criteria and space for the murals. The “canvas” and supplies are provided through donations, and the talent is gifted by the artists. The works displayed are as diverse as the artists who painted them, but visitors may notice a familiar style that is missing. The number one rule- no western art; this project vision is to be unique and offer something not typically found in Clifton.

Work on the first mural began in 2014. Mick Burson (Mick Burson – Walls) from Denton composed a mural of a mother otter and her pup, entitled “Warriors & Worriers.”

The second mural was completed by local artist, Megan Morris, now Megan Morris Major, ( who is locally known for many public projects, including the mural on the Clifton Volunteer Fire Department Station and a series of murals on a concrete retaining wall at Lutheran Sunset Ministries Nursing Facility. Megan completed “DreamWeaver” near the alley entrance at FM 219 in 2014.

Soon after Major’s mural was completed, Caitlin Bergren, an artist with local ties completed the piece “Siempre En Mi Corazon” (“Forever in My Heart”), and hometown artist Katie Bekkelund Brinkley ( completed “Impact the World” in 2015.

Jacob Herndon showcased two works of graffiti. “Heros” is along the metal fencing to the right of The Cell Block hotel; and his second piece, “Cleng,” is on the brick wall around the corner from Bergren’s mural.
“Flocktail Party” was completed in April of 2017. Three artists from across Texas, Jonathan Maurel (Jomau (@jomauartwork), Emily Ding (HOME – Emily Ding), and J Muzacz (J Muzacz (@jmuzacz) joined creative forces on the project that depicts several birds out on the town and includes several references to Clifton culture.

Additional murals along the back of the buildings which house LA Thompson Gallery and the Salon on Main are works of resident downtown artists.

To keep up with what’s going on in art alley, like the Clifton Art Alley Facebook page. Here you’ll find before and after photos, see when new pieces are complete and learn more about the artists who contribute to the project.