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Bosque Arts Center

For decades, Clifton artist Joan Spieler dreamed of a fine arts center in Clifton where the arts could be enjoyed and fostered. Spieler inspired the community to dream with her and, in 1981, the dream was realized at the dedication of the Bosque Arts Center. A transformative rehabilitation of the former Clifton Lutheran College Administration Building now houses one of the finest rural fine arts complexes in Texas.
The Bosque Arts Center (BAC) attracts locals and visitors from across Texas who desire to experience the dynamic art scene in Bosque County. Clifton has been called “one of the 100 best rural art communities in the nation,” and the arts center offers an excellent representation of local arts.

To learn more about the events and offerings of Bosque Arts Center, call 254-675-3724 or visit and the Facebook page Bosque Arts Center.