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Legacy Park Historic District

In 2010 Clifton Main Street forged the trail of restoration of Legacy Park, the historic Auction Barn and Home Economics buildings and grounds at the Clifton Fairgrounds complex. The native-stone buildings were constructed in 1937 through a sponsorship by the Clifton Lions Club to house exhibits for the annual Central Texas Fair. Just as the planning and development of these historic structures and the decades of activity in their midst depended upon an eager, cooperative effort among the townsfolk and trade community; so, the restoration of these treasures requires an alliance of earnest partners.

Clifton Main Street is dedicated to protecting the gift of our history by restoring the cherished remnant of our agricultural heritage in Legacy Park. The district is an emblem of an era when cattle ranching was king and such sites were instrumental in the industry as a link between independent ranchers and the major stockyards.

With the completion of the Home Economics Building (the “Little Alamo”) in 2019, Legacy Park regained its position in the community as a site for meetings, events, and various social and educational activities. In 2021, structural and roof repairs were addressed at the Auction Barn, providing an expansive, enclosed setting to the modern fairgrounds. The Auction Barn and the Little Alamo stand not only as event and meeting venues but also as architectural monuments to Clifton’s agricultural heritage and community spirit.

Both historic sites will house permanent and temporary collections of historic fair memorabilia and of antique agricultural and home implements. These exhibits will include information on the invention of the disc plow by a local settler, the Chisholm Trail connection, and historic photographs of local agricultural activities.

Continued rehabilitation of the Auction Barn and the installation of permanent collections remains in process. Clifton Main Street invites you to join us in the preservation of our legacy.

For additional information on the Legacy Park Historic District and to partner with Clifton Main Street on this preservation project, please contact the Main Street Staff.