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The National Park Service defines historic preservation as “a conversation with our past about our future.”  Historic preservation is an effective and beautiful way for us to tell our story of the past to future generations.  Clifton’s four museums share a tapestry of stories uniquely woven by the community and surrounding county.

Clifton has a rich and long-standing culture of storytelling through historic preservation.  Early residents understood the importance of sharing their stories and ways with those who would follow.  Photographs, journals and documents, furnishings and clothing, and the many artifacts of daily life and celebrations from prehistoric times to recent years can be found in the public and private collections of Clifton’s storehouses of the past.  These items have been carefully maintained and preserved for the generations that followed and provide a treasure trove of information and wonder.  From archaeological finds to chrome tailfins, Clifton museums house remnants of local culture from prehistoric times to the present.

Explore fine collections of history and science while visiting permanent and temporary exhibits and ask for information on museum events throughout the year.