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Cultural District

Clifton’s distinctive community offers a little something for everyone. Considered one of the best small art towns in the US, Clifton is home to a thriving and diverse art scene with art galleries, performance halls, a fine arts center, theaters, three cultural districts, and many talented local artists. Multiple art and civic organizations form a network of support for generous spirits and artistic endeavors. With a social calendar to rival larger cities, Clifton serves the perfect blend of activity and rest, society and sanctuary.

The City of Clifton was officially designated a Cultural District by the Texas Commission on the Arts and the State of Texas on Saturday, October 22, 2011. Gary Gibbs, PH.D., the executive director of the Texas Commission on the Arts, presented the award at the Bosque Arts Center with Mayor Fred Volcansek, Senator Brian Birdwell, Representative Rob Orr, and Norwegian Minister of Research and Higher Education Tora Aasland in attendance.

Clifton boasts three distinct cultural district sites: the Gateway Cultural Area, the Downtown Cultural Area, and the Upper Cultural Area. Each offers a unique experience with events such as the Central Texas Youth Fair, FallFest, Norwegian Country Christmas, Bosque Arts Classic, and Fireworks on the Bosque; shopping and dining; parks; three museums; fine arts; and the oldest continuously operating movie house in Texas – The CLIFTEX Theatre.

The Cultural District is the community heart and where we share Our Story. Along its avenues and within its halls, generations have worked, traded, and celebrated the precious moments that form Community. Historic buildings breathe with renewed life, redeemed to continue housing Clifton’s vibrant cultural and economic activity.

Explore Clifton’s Cultural District for the natural beauty of our parks; for art collections, performances, and classes; for the discovery of the heritage that makes Clifton a spectacular discovery!

Fine arts, fine folks, and a fine time!

Cultural Districts Program | Texas Commission on the Arts